Feisal Khalif – The Leisure Doctor.

Hi. My name is Feisal Khalif. I’m a leisure and tourism marketing professional with thirty years experience in the industry. Welcome to my web site. Feel free to plunder what you can from these pages. It’s packed full of tips and tricks culled from a career being the ‘main man’ responsible for pulling in the customers for a variety of private and public sector organisations. If you’re looking for rather more hands on support to attract visitors to your business please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Why you should hire the Leisure Doctor.

There’s probably no job I haven’t done in pursuit of more visitors, from writing three year strategies, telesales, launching new attractions to mopping floors. I’ve learnt my trade by doing, by adding passion and enthusiasm to every challenge, discovering through success (and failure) what works and what doesn’t.

So if you’re a business needing to attract more visitors or an organisation wanting to inspire and motivate the next generation of leisure and tourism professionals, click on the relevant ‘My Services’ label above.

The Leisure Doctor’s case book includes:

Doubling visitor numbers at a major London visitor attraction
• Launching one of the UK’s most successful interactive science centres
• Leading the PR for an award-winning £1million historical exhibition
• Marketing one of the UK’s top ten visitor destinations
• Promoting a top UK retail destination
• Marketing a world athletics championship
• Building a client-base of over 15,000 active theatre-going groups
• Creating and running a successful visitor attractions’ network
• Developing a profitable pirate-themed children’s entertainment company

“Ninety percent of the success of any product or service is its promotion and marketing”
Mark Victor Hansen