Marketing Attractions

You’ve got thirty seconds!

Can you make the experience of visiting your attraction sound great? Can you sum up its wow factor in one short sentence? Does it even have one?

If you can’t convince someone why they should visit your attraction in a few seconds then you’re not doing your job properly. That or your attraction is no good and it will fail whatever you do. Chances are it does offer a good if not a great experience. But you might never know how popular or successful your attraction could be if you aren’t selling it properly.

In my experience most attractions fail at this most basic task. They don’t sell the one attribute that marks them from the competition. Instead they get lost in the competitive clutter of businesses promoting themselves as ‘great days out’, ‘fun for all the family’ or ‘award-winning attraction’. Strike a chord?

Identifying and selling what your customers are probably already highlighting on their Facebook pages and their kids are talking about in the playground should not be so difficult. It’s a good place to start.

Ten great tactical tips for promoting visitor attractions:

• Get rid of those small advertisements in newspapers, magazines, maps and listings sites
• Use cut-out coded vouchers to initially test all leaflets and advertisements
• Lobby your local authority for brown tourism signs and regularly use AA or RAC signage
• Use at least 10pt font size in all your printed and online communications
• Maximise the readability and impact of the top quarter of your racked main leaflets
• Provide free entry and refreshments for coach drivers and group leaders
• Offer familiarisation visits to journalists & tour operators and allow them to bring their children or older family members as appropriate
• Provide great photo opportunities on site to encourage word-of-mouth promotion and advertise free mobile phone charging
• Make sure your attraction appears in all free local mapping and listing applications, including Google maps
• Enter as many attraction and tourism awards competitions for which you are eligible